New this year

This year's biggest change focuses on the long-gone Brooklyn Els, from circa 1900, when the BRT rose to prominence, until 1956, when the Fulton St. El was demolished west of 80th St. This new section covers the Fulton St., Myrtle Avenue, Lexington Avenue, and the Fifth Avenue lines. All this, plus the two major terminals--Park Row in Manhattan and Sands St. in Brooklyn--and the South Brooklyn Railway. Routes and service patterns are included and colorized using modern graphics in keeping with the rest of the book. 

In addition to the old Brooklyn Els, there's a new page depicting the 1939-1940 World's Fair IND extension and another featuring the BMT Jamaica Line terminal at 168th Street.

Of course, all the latest changes have been incorporated, including the newly-reconfigured 42nd St. Shuttle that reopened in Sept. 2021. A few more signals were added this year, and plenty of new links in the PDF edition. Here's a sample of the old BMT section: