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Cover Photo Contest


Submit your favourite photo for a chance to see it on next year's front and back covers of Tracks of the NYC Subway!


I'm looking for the best pictures to reflect the focus of the book
--tracks and signals--to be the cover art for the upcoming edition.

Essentially, a winning image will be a front-looking view of complex trackwork, preferably encompassing at least a couple of signals, a train or two and a striking background image. Images must be from the modern era (within the last couple of years) and trains must be of the stock presently in use or expected to be in revenue service in the year in which the book is published.

First off, the image must have visual appeal to someone browsing a bookshelf or mailing list circular. It's gotta "pop." Nice sunny bright blue sky if it's outdoors, or a stunningly-lit night or twilight shot. Pics post-blizzard in the winter would probably do well, as would a gorgeous underground shot with reflections of rail, signals, work-lights, etc. I'm a sucker for high-zoom shots (300mm or greater) as well.

 Winners will receive two free signed copies of the edition of the book with their winning picture, 11x14" blowups of both the winning image itself and the image with the cover overlays as well as recognition inside. Winners of the back cover will receive a copy of the book and also two 11x14" blowups.

You must hold the rights to any photograph you submit! If you're the photographer, that's ideal. By submitting an entry you agree to a release of the image for use on the cover and in any promotional materials.

To enter, simply send either the image itself in either .jpg or camera RAW format, or a link to a site like Picassa or Photobucket or Flickr. Anything sent as an initial entry can be at any resolution or size, but the underlying image must meet the specifications shown below in order to be printed. You may send as many links and images as you like.

This year I'm going to post a list of finalists to the book's Facebook page (facebook.com/nyctrackbook) with the ability to vote for your favourites! I will leave the voting open for about 2 or 3 days. I will make the final determination of the winning entries but your votes will go a long way toward my decision!

 PLEASE MAKE ALL SUBMISSIONS TO ME VIA E-MAIL, to nyctrackbook@gmail.com

and include "PHOTO CONTEST" in the subject line.


DEADLINE is 11:59pm NYC time on October 15th.
Submissions received on Oct. 16th or later will be automatically considered for the following year's contest.



The final print must be in electronic format (JPG, PSD, TIFF, RAW formats), must be at least 300 dpi in resolution and sized roughly 9 x 12" or larger. I CANNOT use any picture that was shot using "digital-zoom" on a pocket-style camera or cellphone. Those images may look OK on a computer screen but they do not print well.

RAW or Photoshop-native PSD-format images are preferred. Images may need to be sligtly cropped or retouched, but no changes will be made without the winning photographer's consent.

Once I select the winning image I will be in contact with the winner and will discuss the particulars.