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2019 edition
now shipping!

Order using the "Buy Now" buttons below or call
973-228-5848 (10am-8pm NYC Time).

There are still a couple of copies of the 2018 edition in stock. Please e-mail if you would like to purchase one of those.

The cost of the book is $41.95 plus $9.50 shipping & handling within the United States. NJ residents will also be charged sales tax. The electronic (PDF) version is $24.95. If you're paying for a printed edition by mail using a cheque or postal money order I can offer a discounted price of $48.00 including shipping. See below for more info on mail orders. NOTE: Postage prices are going up significantly in January 2019!

Phone orders using a major credit card are gladly accepted.
Please call 973-228-5848, (10AM to 8PM New York City time).

Multi-copy order discounts are automatically calculated using the links below as is the correct S&H prices. Note that the Post Office provides free insurance for up to $50 on Priority Mail deliveries. If you are ordering more than one copy, the cost of insurance will be included in the S&H fees. There are significant discounts for orders of 5 or more, as well as for wholesale orders. Please e-mail for details.

I will gladly sign and personalize every book sold directly through this site. Please tell me the name that you'd like the inscription made out to and anything you'd like me to add to it, however the comments I add should be something from the author, not a "Love, Mom & Dad" type message!

Your inscription should read:


There are 3 methods of delivery for orders outside the United States.

The first option is First Class Mail, which costs $25.00 but it does NOT provide any means of tracking the shipment and there is NO INSURANCE available. If it gets lost or damaged in transit, there are no refunds if it was shipped by this cheaper method, but it's generally pretty fast and very reliable. This rate works for ONE COPY ONLY, and is based upon weight. Two copies via this method would cost more than via Priority mail (below).

The second option is PRIORITY MAIL, which costs $36 for one or two copies, increasing for heavier shipments. It takes 4-7 days, is fully trackable and includes insurance.

The third option is EXPRESS MAIL, which costs $65 for one or two copies and also increases for heavier shipments. It takes 2-3 days, is fully trackable and includes insurance.

You will have the option to select the delivery method of your choice at checkout. If you're ordering more than 10 copies please email me for shipping options.

Your inscription should read:


Use this option to order a PDF edition of the book for email delivery. This format is intended for screen viewing only and is not printable. Please order the printed version (above) if you require a hardcopy. There are no shipping or handling charges for this method. Each order is manually processed so delivery will not occur until the order has been received by someone in our offices. NOTE: The file is approximately 15 MB in size. You must be able to receive large files in order for email delivery to work. If you cannot accept large file sizes by email please contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange another form of delivery. The current version is $24.95, and back issues (as far as 1998) are available for $19.95 each--or at a very significant discount for multiple years. Please email for details.

NJ residents will have the applicable sales tax added to purchase price.

Order by mail and SAVE!

If you live in the United States, its territories or possessions please send a cheque or post office money order for $48.00 per copy to the following address:

Peter Dougherty
79 Beverly Rd.
West Caldwell, NJ 07006

Please tell me where you want me to ship the book
as well as the name to which you'd like the inscription made!

This service is no longer offered to purchasers outside of the United States. Please use a PayPal link (above) for all international orders.

DO NOT SEND mail orders by Certified or Registered mail. This might delay your order by several days. 1st class or Priority Mail will suffice.

 Back Issues
Every issue from about 1998 onwards is available as a PDF download for $19.95. Please email for details.

I still have 4 copies of the 2009 edition (version 4.4) 4 copies of the 2012 edition, and and 4 copies of the 2014 edition that I will sell for $30 each, including shipping. There are no remaining printed copies of any other editions. To purchase one of these older editions please contact me by email at the above address.

I can also reprint any previous edition on demand. The cost will be $49.95 + S&H, and turnaround time may be up to 4 weeks.